Slang for drunk

Welcome to the Slangpedia entry on drunk! đŸ˜ŠđŸ˜Š Here you’ll find a bunch of slang terms for “drunk” and “intoxicated”, along with slang which is more generally related to the topic of being under the influence. Without further ado, here’s our list of slang words for “drunk”:

  • Intoxicated
    • Usage: ” The mixed drink should not have intoxicated him, but if one drinks enough of any kind of liquor, drunkenness is sure to follow.
  • Tipsy:
    • Usage: “It got paced out pretty well, but I’m definitely still tipsy, if not still drunk.”
  • Pissed
    • Usage: “He started trying to make fun of me, but since he was pissed and I was pretty sober, it was easy to playfully zing him right back and shut him up.”
  • Pished
    • Usage: “One more drink and he’ll be pished.”
  • Hammered
    • Usage: “We were too hammered to run anywhere, so we just bunkered down against the bank and laughed about it.”
  • Crunk
    • Usage: “Person 1: ‘Dude, crank it up!’ Person 2: ‘Dude, it’s crunk!'”
  • Sloshed
    • Usage: “One only took notice of them when they came back sloshed on Saturday nights and honked on the stairs.”
  • Faded
    • Usage: “Can you imagine stumbling home faded and walking smack dab into a tree?”
  • Wasted
    • Usage: “Jason grinned and went up to the bar to get them enough alcohol to get them completely wasted.”
  • Smashed
    • Usage: “He had a few too many beers and was smashed.”
  • Blasted
    • Usage: “He got totally blasted at the party.”
  • inebriated
    • Usage: “The creamery manager, it seems, staggered to his car, but was too inebriated to even start the engine “
  • Steamed
    • Usage: “Come this time of year the mating call of the steamed student can be heard from 11pm till late.”
  • Pickled
    • Usage: “I must have been rather pickled when I agreed to your stupid scheme.”
  • Zonked
    • Usage: “later claimed that she was zonked for the entire recording session”
  • Trashed
    • Usage: “So that’s why I slept surprisingly well for a guy whose body was trashed with alcohol.”
  • off your head
    • Usage: “You got absolutely off your head that time and you decided not to drink alcohol again.”

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