Slang for new

Slang for New

Welcome to the Slangpedia entry on slang terms for “new”! Here you’ll find a list of slang words that mean “new”, or that are related to the concept of new/recent/fresh. We’re still working on this list, so if you have any words that we’re missing, please share them with the form at the end of the page! 🆕 Without further ado, here’s a list of slang words for new:

  • Mint: In brand-new condition, often in reference to collectibles.
    • Usage: “Got me some Jordans in mint condition for 50 bucks!”
  • Fresh: Can be used to refer to sometine that is brand-new, such as sneakers or clothes. It may also refer to something that is “very good”, or generally approved of. In this sense it is a synonym of “fly”.
    • Usage: “Those are some fresh shoes!”; “Girl, yo’ lookin’ fresh tonight!”
    • Origin: 1980s Hip-hop slang.
  • Boxfresh: Brand new, just out of the box.
    • Origin: Derived from the fact that when something is new, it often comes in a box.
  • Flee / Flea: A term originating in New York, meaning new, fresh and cool. Used especially when referring to fashion and sneakers.
    • Usage: “Yo, you seen his Jordans? That kid is hella flea!”
  • Flish: Slang for new, cool, fresh.
    • Usage: “Her kicks are way flish.”
  • Green: If someone is a new to a sport/field/activity, they may be described as “green”.
    • Usage: “Yeah, but give him a week or two, he’s still green.”
  • Phresh: Alternate slang spelling of “fresh”.
  • Krispy / Crispy: Usually used as an adjective to describe someone or something that is in-style, clean, well-kept, spotless and classy. Can also be used to describe something that’s brand new, and spotless, like a pair of sneakers.
  • OC: An acronym for “original content”, meaning content that hasn’t been shown/submitted anywhere yet.
  • Wet: Brand new, fresh.
    • Usage: “Damn cuz dem Jordans is wet!
  • Freshie: A fresh new haircut.
    • Usage: “Got a freshie for my job interview on Friday.”
  • Cherry: In unused or mint condition. Brand new, or like brand new.
    • Usage: “He’s got a pair of OG Jordans that are cherry.”
  • Brand spankin’: A shortened version of “brand spankin’ new”. It refers to something that is very new. Sometimes shortened further to “spankin” or “spank”.
    • Usage: “Those kicks look brand spankin’ – you cleaned them up real nice.”
  • Deadstock: Refers to shoes (usually sneakers) that are brand new, still in the box, and have never been tried on.
  • FNG: An acronym for “F*cking New Guy”, a derogatory term used by western English-speaking armed forces to refer to a new recruit who has little experience in the armed forces.
  • BNWT: Acronym for “Brand New With Tags”. Seen primarily on auction sites such as eBay in reference to clothing/footwear items that are brand new, and still have the tags to prove it.
  • BNWOT: Acronym for “Brand New Without Tags”. Seen primarily on auction sites such as eBay in reference to clothing/footwear items that are new, but which don’t have the tags attached for some reason.
  • BNIB / BNIP: Acronyms for “Brand New In Box” and “Brand New In Packaging”. Used on auction sites like ebay, especially for sneakers and the like.

That’s it for Slangpedia’s list of slang words for new/recent. If you’ve got any other new-related slang, please share in the form below!

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