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Diving into the world of intimate encounters can be as confusing as it is exhilarating, especially with the myriad of slang terms floating around. In this guide, we’ve cataloged the most iconic expressions related to sex, providing their meanings, origins, and societal applications. Whether you’re looking to decipher a risquΓ© text or simply want to understand pop culture references, this compilation has got you covered. Navigate bedroom banter and casual conversations alike with ease and confidence! Without waiting any longer, here’s our comprehensive guide to slang for sex:

Hook up

  • Meaning: A casual sexual encounter or act; can also refer to the act of meeting someone.
  • Origin: Originated in the early 1900s as a phrase for connecting machinery, but by the 1980s, it had taken on its current meaning.
  • Usage: “They hooked up after the party.”

Get lucky

  • Meaning: To successfully engage in a sexual encounter.
  • Origin: The term ‘lucky’ suggests good fortune.
  • Usage: “He’s hoping to get lucky tonight.”

Get it on

  • Meaning: Engage in sexual activity.
  • Origin: Popularized by the 1973 Marvin Gaye song “Let’s Get It On.”
  • Usage: “The song was playing, and they started to get it on.”

Sleep together

  • Meaning: Engage in sexual intercourse.
  • Origin: A euphemistic expression; the term focuses on the act of sharing a bed without explicitly stating the action.
  • Usage: “They’ve been dating for months, but I don’t know if they’ve slept together yet.”

Hit it off

  • Meaning: Start a successful and harmonious relationship, not always sexual.
  • Origin: This phrase originally meant “begin promptly” in the 18th century.
  • Usage: “We met at a conference and hit it off immediately.”

Roll in the hay

  • Meaning: Engage in a sexual act, often implying it’s a brief or spontaneous event.
  • Origin: Likely originated from rural settings where couples might literally have found privacy in a barn.
  • Usage: “They had a quick roll in the hay.”

Get busy

  • Meaning: Engage in sexual activity.
  • Origin: A broad term that implies being occupied or active, in this case with a sexual undertone.
  • Usage: “The lights dimmed, and they got busy.”


  • Meaning: Engage in sexual activity.
  • Origin: Popularized by the reality show “Jersey Shore.”
  • Usage: “Did they smush last night?”


  • Meaning: Engage in sexual intercourse.
  • Origin: Likely derived from the phallic implications of the word.
  • Usage: “He’s trying to bone her.”


  • Meaning: Engage in sexual intercourse.
  • Origin: British slang, popularized internationally by the “Austin Powers” films.
  • Usage: “They were shagging in the backseat.”

Bump and grind

  • Meaning: Dance provocatively or engage in sexual activity.
  • Origin: Refers to the motion of the act.
  • Usage: “They were doing the bump and grind on the dance floor.”

Make whoopee

  • Meaning: Engage in sexual activity or celebrate boisterously.
  • Origin: Popularized by the game show “The Newlywed Game” and the song “Makin’ Whoopee.”
  • Usage: “They went back to the hotel to make whoopee.”

Netflix and chill

  • Meaning: A euphemism for inviting someone over to have sex under the pretense of watching a movie.
  • Origin: Originated from the literal act of watching Netflix and relaxing, but took on a sexual meaning in popular culture and social media.
  • Usage: “He texted her if she wanted to come over for Netflix and chill.”

Knock boots

  • Meaning: Engage in sexual intercourse.
  • Origin: Refers to the noise boots might make.
  • Usage: “I heard them knocking boots last night.”

Get down

  • Meaning: Engage in sexual activity or dance.
  • Origin: Refers to the motion or act.
  • Usage: “They got down after their date.”


  • Meaning: A brief act of sexual intercourse.
  • Origin: Derived from the word “quick.”
  • Usage: “They had a quickie during lunch break.”

Dip the wick

  • Meaning: Engage in sexual intercourse.
  • Origin: A euphemism, likening the act to dipping a candle’s wick into wax.
  • Usage: “He’s just looking to dip the wick.”


  • Meaning: Engage in sexual intercourse.
  • Origin: Referring to the act of penetration.
  • Usage: “He’s trying to nail her.”

Hit that

  • Meaning: Engage in sexual intercourse.
  • Origin: Referring to the act of intercourse.
  • Usage: “He said he’d love to hit that.”


  • Meaning: Engage in sexual intercourse.
  • Origin: Refers to the act itself.
  • Usage: “Did they smash last night?”


  • Meaning: Engage in sexual intercourse.
  • Origin: From Yiddish.
  • Usage: “He’s trying to shtup her.”

Jump bones

  • Meaning: Engage in sexual activity.
  • Origin: Refers to the closeness of two bodies during the act.
  • Usage: “They were jumping bones in no time.”


  • Meaning: Engage in sexual intercourse.
  • Origin: A playful slang term for the act.
  • Usage: “They went to his place to doink.”

Get jiggy with it

  • Meaning: Engage in sexual activity or dance in a lively manner.
  • Origin: Popularized by the Will Smith song of the same name.
  • Usage: “They were getting jiggy with it all night.”


  • Meaning: Hold close for warmth or comfort or in affection; can sometimes be a euphemism for sex.
  • Origin: Likely derived from the Old English “couth,” meaning “known.”
  • Usage: “After the movie, they cuddled on the couch.”

Get down and dirty

  • Meaning: Engage in rough or straightforward sexual activity.
  • Origin: Implies a raw or unrefined manner.
  • Usage: “They like to get down and dirty.”


  • Meaning: Engage in sexual activity.
  • Origin: Refers to the pressing together of two objects or bodies.
  • Usage: “They were mashing in the back of the car.”

Go downtown

  • Meaning: Perform oral sex.
  • Origin: Refers to moving downwards on the body.
  • Usage: “She went downtown on him.”

Get naughty

  • Meaning: Engage in sexual activity.
  • Origin: “Naughty” suggests behavior that’s not innocent.
  • Usage: “They went to the bedroom to get naughty.”

Afternoon delight

  • Meaning: A sexual encounter in the afternoon.
  • Origin: Popularized by the 1976 song “Afternoon Delight” by Starland Vocal Band.
  • Usage: “They had an afternoon delight before heading back to work.”

Booty Call

  • Meaning: A communication (like a phone call or text) to someone asking for a casual sexual encounter.
  • Origin: The term combines “booty” (slang for sexual intercourse) and “call” (referring to the act of phoning someone).
  • Usage: “He wasn’t looking for a relationship; it was just a booty call.”

One Night Stand

  • Meaning: A sexual encounter lasting one night and without the expectation of continuing the relationship.
  • Origin: Refers to the brief duration of the encounter.
  • Usage: “She made it clear it was just a one night stand.”

Friends with Benefits

  • Meaning: Two people who have a friendship but also engage in casual sex without a formal romantic relationship.
  • Origin: The term indicates that the friends gain the “benefit” of sexual encounters.
  • Usage: “They aren’t dating; they’re just friends with benefits.”

Third Base

  • Meaning: Refers to touching below the waist or oral sex, depending on one’s interpretation. Comes from the baseball metaphor for sex.
  • Origin: Part of the baseball metaphor where different bases represent different levels of sexual activity.
  • Usage: “They didn’t go all the way, but they got to third base.”

Hit It

  • Meaning: To have sex with someone.
  • Origin: Slang verb “hit” meaning to have sex.
  • Usage: “They hit it on their third date.”


  • Meaning: To successfully seduce someone or engage in sexual activity.
  • Origin: A term borrowed from sports, meaning to achieve a point or goal.
  • Usage: “He tried to score with her all night.”

Play the Field

  • Meaning: To date or have casual relationships with multiple people.
  • Origin: Comes from sports, indicating one who explores many options.
  • Usage: “After his breakup, he started playing the field.”

No Strings Attached

  • Meaning: Engaging in a sexual relationship without any commitments or expectations.
  • Origin: The term denotes the lack of “ties” or “strings” that would bind someone to another.
  • Usage: “She told him she wanted a no strings attached kind of relationship.”

Slide Into DMs

  • Meaning: Directly messaging someone on social media, usually with a flirtatious or sexual intent.
  • Origin: Originated from the action of “sliding” into someone’s direct messages (DMs) on platforms like Instagram or Twitter.
  • Usage: “He tried to slide into her DMs after seeing her holiday pics.”

Getting Laid

  • Meaning: Achieving sexual intercourse.
  • Origin: “Laid” as a past tense of “lay” became slang for having sex.
  • Usage: “He went to the club, hoping he’d get laid.”


  • Meaning: Acronym for “Friends with Benefits.”
  • Origin: Shortened form of the term.
  • Usage: “Are they dating? No, they’re just FWB.”

Casual Flings

  • Meaning: Short-term sexual or romantic affairs without commitment.
  • Origin: The term “fling” implies something thrown or tossed. In a romantic context, it refers to a relationship that isn’t serious.
  • Usage: “She’s not looking for anything serious, just some casual flings.”

Seal the Deal

  • Meaning: To complete an action, but in a sexual context, it means to engage in sex, often after a date.
  • Origin: Business term used when finalizing a deal.
  • Usage: “They went out for dinner, and he hoped to seal the deal afterward.”

Making Whoopee

  • Meaning: An old-fashioned term for having sex.
  • Origin: Popularized in the 1920s and used in the song “Makin’ Whoopee.”
  • Usage: “They were making whoopee late into the night.”

Do the Deed

  • Meaning: A euphemism for having sex.
  • Origin: “Deed” generally refers to an action, so “doing the deed” indicates the act of having sex.
  • Usage: “They finally did the deed after several dates.”

Roll in the Hay

  • Meaning: To have a casual sexual encounter.
  • Origin: Refers to the act of making love in a barn or outdoors.
  • Usage: “They had a playful roll in the hay after their picnic.”


  • Meaning: Having sex.
  • Origin: Slang term “smash” meaning to have sex.
  • Usage: “They were smashing regularly during their vacation.”

Getting Down

  • Meaning: Engaging in sexual activity.
  • Origin: Derived from dance terminology, where “getting down” means to dance or get into the groove.
  • Usage: “After their date, they went back to her place and got down.”

Go All The Way

  • Meaning: To have intercourse.
  • Origin: Implies the completion of the sexual process.
  • Usage: “On their third date, they decided to go all the way.”

Doing It

  • Meaning: A euphemism for having sex.
  • Origin: A general way of referring to the act without being explicit.
  • Usage: “They’ve been doing it for a while now.”


  • Meaning: Acronym for “Down To F***,” indicating willingness to engage in casual sex.
  • Origin: Modern abbreviation for clarity and efficiency in text-based communication.
  • Usage: “She made it clear she was DTF, but he wasn’t interested.”

Bedroom Eyes

  • Meaning: A sultry or seductive look, suggesting sexual interest.
  • Origin: The eyes suggest an invitation to the bedroom.
  • Usage: “He gave her bedroom eyes across the bar, and she knew what he was thinking.”

On the Prowl

  • Meaning: Actively looking for a sexual partner.
  • Origin: Compares the person to a predator searching for prey.
  • Usage: “After his breakup, he was on the prowl every weekend.”

Hit It and Quit It

  • Meaning: To engage in a sexual relationship with someone and then end the relationship soon after.
  • Origin: The phrase implies the brief nature of the encounter.
  • Usage: “She realized he was just trying to hit it and quit it, so she ended things.”


  • Meaning: A brief sexual encounter.
  • Origin: Derived from the term “quick,” implying something done rapidly.
  • Usage: “They had a quickie during their lunch break.”

Pillow Talk

  • Meaning: The intimate conversations that occur between partners after sexual activity.
  • Origin: Comes from the idea of two people lying on the same pillow, chatting.
  • Usage: “They shared their deepest secrets during their pillow talk.”

Hot and Heavy

  • Meaning: Intense sexual activity or a relationship that becomes sexual very quickly.
  • Origin: A phrase that implies intense emotions or actions.
  • Usage: “Things got hot and heavy pretty quickly between them.”

Make love

  • Meaning: A gentle and romantic way of referring to the act of sexual intercourse. It often implies a deep emotional connection between the participants.
  • Origin: The term has been in use since at least the early 20th century and emphasizes the emotional bond and intimacy between two people over the physical act.
  • Usage: “They decided to wait until their wedding night to make love.”

Fool around

  • Meaning: A vague term that can mean anything from kissing and touching to sexual intercourse. It’s a casual way to refer to intimate physical activity without being specific.
  • Origin: This colloquial expression dates back to the early 1900s. Its initial use was more general, meaning to waste time or act without a specific purpose. Its sexual connotation became more prominent in the 20th century.
  • Usage: “They were just fooling around; it wasn’t anything serious.”


  • Meaning: Casual sexual activity or playfully indulging in sex. It can also refer to a playful or rowdy episode of activity.
  • Origin: Derived from the late 17th-century verb “romp,” which means “to play or frolic.” The sexual connotation is a 20th-century development.
  • Usage: “They had a quick romp before heading out to dinner.”


  • Meaning: Succeed in having sex with someone or succeed in acquiring something desired. In this context, it’s often used in reference to a casual sexual encounter.
  • Origin: The term “score” originally pertains to achieving points in sports. In the mid-20th century, it developed a slang connotation related to achieving success in a romantic or sexual pursuit.
  • Usage: “He was bragging about scoring with someone he met at the bar.”

Bump uglies

  • Meaning: A humorous and somewhat crude slang term for having sexual intercourse.
  • Origin: This term originated in the 1990s in the US. The “uglies” refer to the genitals, and “bump” indicates the physical contact.
  • Usage: “They went back to her place to bump uglies.”

Horizontal mambo

  • Meaning: A playful and humorous term for sexual intercourse. It likens the act to a dance.
  • Origin: “Mambo” is a type of dance, and “horizontal” hints at the typical position for sexual activity. The term started to gain popularity in the late 20th century.
  • Usage: “They did the horizontal mambo all night long.”

Jump someone’s bones

  • Meaning: A somewhat crude way to say having sex with someone.
  • Origin: This phrase emerged in the 1970s in the US. The exact origin is unclear, but “bones” likely refers to the body, and “jump” suggests the act of pouncing or acting with urgency.
  • Usage: “She said she wanted to jump his bones the moment she saw him.”

That’s a wrap for our curated list of slang terms and phrases about intimacy and sex. We trust this guide has illuminated some intriguing vernacular for you. As with all languages, the ways we talk about intimacy are constantly changing, but these terms have etched a place in contemporary culture. If you believe we’ve overlooked any pivotal slang expressions related to sex, don’t hesitate to share in the comments below. Keep refining your intimate lexicon! β€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰

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