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Diving into the diverse realm of cannabis slang? Whether you’re penning a story, engaging in casual conversation, or simply fueled by curiosity, it’s fascinating to understand the slang terms, words, and their meanings surrounding “weed”, “pot”, or “marijuana”. So, without further ado, here’s our detailed guide presenting a curated list of cannabis-related slang, phrases, and terms that enrich our language every day

Mary Jane

  • Meaning: A popular term for cannabis.
  • Origin: Possibly a play on the Spanish pronunciation of “marijuana”.
  • Usage: “Do you have any Mary Jane?”


  • Meaning: A common colloquial term for cannabis.
  • Origin: Shortened from the Spanish “potiguaya” or “potaguaya”, which means marijuana leaves.
  • Usage: “Let’s get some pot for the weekend.”


  • Meaning: Refers to cannabis.
  • Origin: Descriptive of the ground-up green appearance.
  • Usage: “He sold me some grass.”


  • Meaning: Another name for marijuana.
  • Origin: Cannabis is often considered a herb because of its herbal characteristics.
  • Usage: “Pass the herb.”


  • Meaning: Refers to marijuana.
  • Origin: Originates from Sanskrit, brought to popularity in the West by Rastafarian culture.
  • Usage: “He’s got the best ganja in town.”


  • Meaning: Another term for a marijuana cigarette.
  • Origin: Possibly derived from “grifa”, a Spanish word for marijuana.
  • Usage: “Fancy a reefer?”


  • Meaning: Refers to the color of cannabis.
  • Origin: Directly relates to the color of most cannabis strains.
  • Usage: “I’m picking up some green later.”


  • Meaning: Refers to the actual bud of the cannabis plant, where the THC is most concentrated.
  • Origin: Descriptive of the part of the plant that is most commonly smoked.
  • Usage: “That’s some quality bud.”


  • Meaning: Can refer to drugs in general but often used for marijuana.
  • Origin: General term for drugs that make you feel “dopey” or slow.
  • Usage: “Don’t mess with that dope.”


  • Meaning: High-quality cannabis.
  • Origin: Popularized by Dr. Dre’s album “The Chronic”, though the exact reason he named it such is debated.
  • Usage: “This isn’t just any weed, it’s chronic.”


  • Meaning: Refers to a specific strain of cannabis but can be used broadly.
  • Origin: The strain was named for its strong, pungent smell, reminiscent of a skunk.
  • Usage: “Got any of that skunk?”


  • Meaning: Another term for marijuana, emphasizing its plant nature.
  • Origin: Refers to the plant-like and sometimes tree-like appearance of the marijuana plant.
  • Usage: “Let’s go smoke some trees.”

Sticky Icky

  • Meaning: Refers to the resinous nature of good-quality cannabis.
  • Origin: Popularized by hip-hop culture, emphasizing the sticky resin of marijuana.
  • Usage: “This is that real sticky icky.”

Wacky Tobacky

  • Meaning: A humorous term for marijuana.
  • Origin: Play on the word “tobacco”, with “wacky” alluding to the effects of marijuana.
  • Usage: “Smoking a bit of the wacky tobacky, are we?”


  • Meaning: Another term for cannabis.
  • Origin: Derived from “chiva”, which is Spanish slang for narcotics (often heroin), but became a slang for marijuana in some circles.
  • Usage: “He’s rolling some cheeba.”


  • Meaning: To smoke marijuana.
  • Origin: Derived from the act of setting the cannabis on fire, or “blazing” it.
  • Usage: “Let’s blaze up.”


  • Meaning: Refers to a specific strain of cannabis but has also been used more generally for high-quality cannabis.
  • Origin: Named after the Hindu Kush mountains, where the strain is believed to have originated.
  • Usage: “That’s some fine kush you’ve got.”


  • Meaning: Refers to high-quality cannabis.
  • Origin: Origins are a bit murky, but it’s often associated with the East Coast hip-hop scene.
  • Usage: “He only smokes piff.”


  • Meaning: High-quality, potent cannabis.
  • Origin: A reference to the strong, noticeable aroma of the cannabis.
  • Usage: “That weed is loud!”


  • Meaning: Another term for marijuana.
  • Origin: Spanish slang term for marijuana.
  • Usage: “Got any mota?”


  • Meaning: Refers to high-quality, exotic cannabis.
  • Origin: More recent slang, particularly in urban culture, to indicate top-tier cannabis strains.
  • Usage: “He’s selling that zaza.”


  • Meaning: Marijuana cigarette or joint.
  • Origin: Unclear, but it has been a part of American slang for decades.
  • Usage: “Pass the doobie.”

Jazz Cabbage

  • Meaning: A humorous term for marijuana.
  • Origin: Likely a playful twist on the idea that jazz musicians frequently used marijuana.
  • Usage: “Are you partaking in the jazz cabbage tonight?”


  • Meaning: Slang for cannabis, emphasizing its green, plant-like appearance.
  • Origin: Direct reference to the vegetable due to its green color and resemblance to cannabis buds.
  • Usage: “Got any broccoli?”


  • Meaning: High-quality, potent cannabis.
  • Origin: A reference to its strength, as in “premium gas” or “high octane”.
  • Usage: “This is straight gas.”

That’s it for our list of slang phrases for “weed”. We hope you’ve found this compilation enlightening. While the world of slang is ever-evolving, these terms have stood the test of time and are universally recognized. If you think we’ve missed any synonyms for “weed”, do let us know in the comments below. Keep expanding your vocabulary!👍😊

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